She wears shoulder guards which have blue and reddish stripes, and you can white gloves for her hands

She wears shoulder guards which have blue and reddish stripes, and you can white <a href="https://datingranking.net/es/sitios-de-citas-africanas/">https://datingranking.net/es/sitios-de-citas-africanas/</a> gloves for her hands


  • Mommy Fang – a special mommy skill which can to find the lady guy Masato having fun with the effectiveness of the girl holy sword Tera di Madore.
  • Motherly White – an alternate mother skills that can generate this lady looks develop light.
  • Mother’s Sharing – a special mother expertise one protects the brand new party out of negative position effects
  • Mom’s Inhale – a different sort of mother skills you to definitely increases the success rate from writing items
  • Mother’s Terms and conditions – a unique mother skill one to phone calls towards the attitude out of moms and dads internationally; so it spell was utilized to break the dictate out of Medhimama’s staff to your Medhimama
  • Mother’s Headpat – a new mother skills that enables their in order to calm down some thing or some body, stopping her or him away from bursting
  • Mother Ray – Mamako’s greatest skill. 

Masato Oosuki

Mamako wants Masato dearly, that will be very doting and you may protective from him. Since the a few had been very intimate when Masato are more youthful, he has given that xxx apart since Masato joined their teenage decades, with Mamako stating which he hardly foretells the lady any more. In an effort to rekindle its matchmaking, Mamako thinks one taking place adventures having Masato will make your honor their again. She becomes infuriated and embarrassed whenever she’s built to search awkward before this lady guy and will discipline one who get this to thus. She talks to help you Masato when you look at the a mellow build, hardly actually ever dropping the woman patience having your. The woman is in addition to shown to be really clingy, and can get noticed randomly hugging Masato securely, much to help you his aches. Over the course of their excursions, Masato slower grows in order to esteem their mother once again and you will keeps hanging out with their. Regarding the OVA, Mamako and Masato’s dating takes an urgent change. In the group’s go out within beach, Mamako serves as an alternative flirtatiously which have Masato. The 2 continued in order to flirt collectively day long, and even made supper and you will starred a beneficial twister online game together, though Masato is feeling temporary amnesia and you can was not aware of what he had been creating. Whenever Mamako’s swimsuit was torn off of the an effective crab, Masato kept this lady intimate up until Porta was able to make various other bikini, causing Mamako in order to blush. Some time afterwards, the two watch the sun place and Masato confesses their love for her, leaving their blushing and you may speechless. The 2 lean in to hug each other, however they are interrupted from the a big kraken. This is all a distress because of the amnesia.

Hayato Oosuki

Mamako’s husband aka Masato’s father. Even after turning 40, he nevertheless holds a vibrant looks. Due to functions, he lives on the road.The guy searched at the start Vol.ten given that government consultant getting associated companies into the a meeting and you can asked that happen to be the caretaker and you will kid that were decided to face the very last difficulty.He had been wonder when he watched which had been Mamako and you may Masato. Since it is necessary to examine to choose in case your chosen mommy and you can man partners is appropriate, Hayato touches the video game with Shirase. And since the guy must continue their name a key, he altered his appearance with the an early boy having a giant sword to your their back and grabbed title Hawk. Even when he or she is when you look at the disguise, Mamako for some reason nevertheless acknowledged him.The guy requested the girl if an individual of your people is Masato’s girlfriend, recounted their argument having Mamako on the Masato. Hawk thanks Mamako to possess bringing up Masato well and you may regrets providing everything so you can the girl, however, she says to him to not care and attention. After Vol.10, their panel sword became Devil King’s Dusk Blade.

Masumi Shirase 

She is toward fundamentally an effective terms and conditions that have Shirase and cheerfully goes plus people journey one to Masato try pulled towards because of the Shirase.


Mamako adores Porta and discovers the lady very useful and you will much easier on account of the girl seller condition. Mamako treats Porta once the a younger daughter, and often tries to morale the girl incase she will get troubled otherwise whenever she thinks she’s failed their jobs. Porta is the original person that Mamako permitted to subscribe Masato’s team, and you may she even thought she would getting compatible since the the girl son’s fiance.

Mamako very first failed to such as Smart, from the latter got teleported herself and you can Masato out in their very first conference. Although not, shortly after looking up Wise’s breakup together with her mother, she greeting her to join the group making sure that she you will definitely let mend their relationship. Overtime, Mamako actually starts to treat smart since a girl.


Mamako cares getting Medhi and helps the girl increase the lady relationship with the girl mom, similar to she how she aided Wise. Mamako is able to pick up on Medhi’s broadening bitterness to possess the girl mother and experiences higher lengths to assist them to make up.

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