Samacheer Kalvi twelfth Accountancy Alternatives A bankruptcy proceeding Balances

  • To Lenders: Advice offered regarding the financial statements try extreme towards lenders to assess if or not there can be adequate safeguards to purchase number of your loan or overdraft.
  • To help you Government: Financial statements are tall into the government to assess new taxation responsibility regarding business concerns and to frame and amend industrial formula.
  • To Group: From the monetary statements, the staff is gauge the feature of your company to invest salaries and you can whether they have upcoming development in the fresh new matter.
  1. To analyze profitability and making capabilities.
  2. To examine the long run and you can temporary solvency of your organization.
  3. To choose the results inside functions and make use of away from assets.
  4. To find the performance from management and you will group.
  5. To select the development in the transformation and you may production, etc.
  6. To forecast for the future and you will prepare finances.
  7. And then make inter-firm and you can intra – firm evaluations.

Matter 4. Regarding following the equilibrium sheet components, compute pattern commission, and you may comment on the latest liquidity reputation regarding X ltd. You are able to take 1990 due to the fact ft 12 months.

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Samacheer Kalvi twelfth Accountancy Balances Text-book Right back Questions and Responses

Concern step one. An inclination share is the one …………….. (i) and that offers preferential right when it comes to payment out of bonus at repaired rates (ii) and this carries preferential proper regarding payment out of funding towards the winding up (a) Only (i) is correct (b) Simply (ii) is correct (c) Both (i) and (ii) is best (d) Each other (i) and (ii) is actually wrong Respond to: (c) One another (i) and (ii) is actually proper

Concern dos. You to definitely section of display financial support in fact it is entitled up merely into winding up out-of a pals is known as …………….. (a) Authorised money (b) Titled up financial support (c) Money set-aside (d) Put aside money Address: (d) Set aside resource

Concern step 3. During the time of forfeiture, share financing account try debited which have …………….. (a) Par value (b) Moderate well worth (c) Paid-up count (d) Titled right up number Respond to: (d) Called upwards number

Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi twelfth Accountancy Possibilities Chapter 7 Records

Concern cuatro. Following the forfeited offers was reissued, the balance regarding the forfeited offers membership are going to be gone to live in …………….. (a) General set aside account (b) Funding reserve account (c) Bonds advanced membership (d) Excess account Respond to: (b) Capital set-aside membership

Question 5. Extent acquired over and above this new par value are credited in order to …………….. (a) Securities superior account (b) Contacts get better account (c) Show resource membership (d) Forfeited offers membership Respond to: (a) Bonds superior membership

Concern six. Hence of your following the statement is actually not true? (a) Approved financing will never become more as compared to authorised financial support (b) In case there are under subscription, granted financing will be lower than the fresh subscribed money (c) Set-aside financing is going to be entitled at the time of finding yourself (d) Paid-up capital is part of named up capital Address: (b) If there is not as much as registration, given capital might be below the brand new licensed resource

Concern seven. When shares try issued for purchase from assets, the amount are going to be credited so you’re able to …………….. (a) Vendor’s An effective/c (b) Sundry property An effective/c (c) Share money A great/c (d) Bank A beneficial/c Address: (c) Share capital A good/c

Concern nine. In the event that a portion of ? 10 on which ? 8 has been paid up are sacrificed. Lowest reissue pricing is …………….. (a) ? ten per express (b) ? 8 for every single express (c) ? 5 per share (d) ? 2 for every single express Address: (d) ? 2 each display