Tank 65 liter
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Tank 65 liter

kr 1.890


Craftsman sine marinetanker er produsert i LPDE-plast Egnet for både vann, diesel, septik og gråvann

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Beskrivelse fra produsent:

Whether you need storage capacity for fuel, drinking water or for waste water, a Craftsman Marine tank stands for easy installation and an absolute minimum of maintenance.

Craftsman Marine tanks make the installation procedure as simple as possible. Without any sawing or drilling you will have the right connections for your specific tank. Just select the correct cover for the required application and all connections and openings are there, in the right place. Even a mounting kit is standard with each set. Since the tanks are made of the synthetic material LDPE, there is no risk of rust formation. When in use as a diesel fuel tank, condensation inside is absolutely minimal, if compared with a metal tank. Owing to the large cover, inspection and cleaning is an easy and time sparing job. All Craftsman Marine tanks, when used as diesel fuel tank or (waste) water tank, are certified for installation in boats that are built in accordance with the Recreational Craft directive.