Craftsman 40 mm

Craftsman 40 mm

kr 892

Kombinert vannlås og lyddemper fra Craftsman 40 mm.

Passer Craftsman 16 og 27 hk og alle andre motorer med 40 mm eksosutløp

Målskisse og teknisk info Craftsman sound lock

Beskrivelse fra produsent:

Craftsman Marine has developed a totally new concept for its exhaust assemblies, resulting in a drastically reduced installation time.

One of the primary functions of the Craftsman Marine Soundlock is its great sound reducing capability. On top of that, the unit serves as a reservoir for the raw cooling water, running to the engine when it is stopped.This combination of two important functions results in a space and time saving installation.
Our Soundlock is patented and available for 5 different hose diameters.