Is Bing+ Trying to end up being a dating internet site?

Having used Google+ over the past few days, a factor i came across interesting is that its getting much like fb in how as possible identify just what union you might be presently in.

Notice profile solutions here:

So there seem to be resources which have taken this one step further. As an example, through the help of Findpeopleonplus.com searching for folks according to profile settings including area, sex, job etc – but in addition by relationship position and seeking for solutions:

Certainly it’s still very early days for Google+, however if it grabs on to anywhere close to the size of Twitter or Facebook perhaps there can be possibility of Bing (or at least third parties) to utilize this information in a manner to generate a lesbians dating website using folks on Google+ as people, possibly in a similar way to the way the likes of Zoosk did very well with Twitter internet dating.

Exactly what do you think? Is Bing+ planned to get to be the subsequent big dating website?!